TVPaint Animation — Cartoon Creation Application

TVPaint Animation is a professional program that provides the full range of the tools to create 2D and regular animation, drawings, and videos.

The program has the following key features: the particles engine, Scan Cleaner (removes the background from the scanned episode), ToonShading (various shadow parameters), and Multiplane Camera, which allows creating complex animation with the unlimited number of layers.

Here’s the list of the key features, which make this program incredibly useful for you:

1) TVPaint Animation is the best solution to create high-quality ‘manually made’ cartoons without losing all the advantages of the classic drawn animation. The process of the cartoon creation is as close as POSSIBLE to the traditional one. The program allows organizing all the stages of cartoon creation: from the creation of the templates to the high-quality contoured cartoons, which can be exported to various video (supporting the alpha channel) and graphic formats.

TVPaint Animation is the best software for creating of high-quality cartoons

2) TVPaint Animation is a great application to create comics and illustrations with the detailed approach to the shapes and contours. It’s worth noting that the full potential of the application can be discovered only when the user has a digitizing pad and displays with interactive working surfaces, proving the comfortable environment for the process of creation. Furthermore, the program has a lot of interesting features, e.g. creation of the animation brushes!

Digitizing pad and process of creation illustration in TVPaint Animation

3) TVPaint Animation is the best tool to create storyboards for your future artistic, animated or advertising video.

TVPaint Animation storyboard

TVPaint Animation interface tutorial

The interface of the program is divided into several independent blocks. One can find the task panel on the top of the screen. The panel with the most popular functions can be found below. The main control console is located on the left side, right next to the block with parameters. The biggest part of the screen is taken with the current frame editing window. Below one can see the timeline and the current project settings correction block.

Be sure that the interface was created in such a way to provide the highest level of comfort and convenience for the users!

Advantages and disadvantages

In comparison with all other raster graphics editors, TVPaint Animation provides the best sensitivity of the stylus weight and the precision of the line created in the canvas. No surprise that the developers had consulted the real ‘paper’ animators, and paid a lot of attention to make this feature as CONVENIENT as possible! One can draw lines seamlessly, without gaps, delays or shaking. Furthermore, you don’t have to spend a lot of time adjusting the drivers of your digitizer or the parameters of the program.

It also supports the canvas (working area) function. This feature is also implemented in other editors, so it can’t be called unique, but it works incredibly fast! Once again, you won’t face any delays or freezing or even millisecond gaps between the redrawing of the image. The program has no ‘hot keys’ that appear on the screen during the rotation of the canvas.

One of the key disadvantages is the lack of three-dimensional images support (however, the program was initially developed as a 2D-editor, so it can’t be considered a real disadvantage). Another problem is the fact that the freeware version is significantly limited, while the license is too expensive to call it affordable for every user.